How To Skyrocket Your Website Traffic In 50 Days Or Less.

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Most of the successful bloggers are successful because of SEO.!
You need quality content, links, proper on-page optimization, and keyword research using Google keyword planner etc., to get the best results.

1. Publishing the good Content More Often Is The Key to success.
2. Focus On Long Tail Keyword Research.
3. Create more than 2500+ Word Blog Posts.
4. Spy on your competitors.
5. Use Quora To Boost Your Website Traffic.
6. Optimize Your Site For SEO.
7. Spend 75% Of Your Time On Blog Promotion.
8. Getting quality links from other sites.
9. Social media is a powerful weapon.
10. Conduct Frequent Giveaways.

1. Publishing the good Content More Often Is The Key to success:
Publishing your blog posts more often can bring you more & more traffic, Google does not like those blogs which are sleeping & not at all engaged with the readers.

Posting the quality content more frequently helps you get more visitors from various sources including social media, email, forums, your blog App if you have one, etc.

If you want your blog to grow search engine traffic, then please increase your blog posting frequency. Google loves fresh & original content and gives rewarding results if your content is informative.

2. Focus On Long Tail Keyword Research:
High conversion traffic will usually come through Long tail keywords. So, start using long-tail keywords around your content. This helps in increasing your blog traffic & product sales.

You can also use long tail keyword generator tools like Google Keyword planner. Use the keywords like long tail keyword tool, long tail keyword research, long tail keywords SEO, best long tail keyword, google long tail keyword generator, long tail keyword strategy, most searched long tail keywords. Etc.,

3. Create more than 2500+ Word Blog Posts:
If you want the fastest way to bring massive traffic? then start writing the long form of content that includes over 2500 words.
Content is the king. But if you want to stand out of the crowd then you have to add 2500+ more words to your blog post.

> Google gives first priority to the long form of content.
> Longer posts attract maximum traffic to your blog.
> Longer posts attract backlinks which boost your blog SEO.
> Your potential readers will get complete information about a content. So, that they no need to search for other websites.
> User engagement will be increased by creating longer content.

Then start creating 2500+ word content and you will see the increase in social shares.

4. Spy on your competitors:
Research Your Competitors to get full information like content ideas, marketing strategies, keywords usage, the website layout to rank better just by observing your niche competitors.

The first step is to make a list of competitor’s in your industry. Create a spreadsheet and make a list of 20 to 40 blogs in your niche along with their URL’s.

Now, use SEMrush to check their rankings. It displays their organic traffic keywords, domain authority, from where they are getting back links and all necessary information.

5. Use Quora To Boost Your Website Traffic:
Quora is a popular question and answer platform that has millions of active users. You will find discussion and answers on almost every topic in the world.

So, you can use this Quora to get great content ideas, your posts may go viral through upvotes, get huge traffic daily if you have a good content and direct them to your website.

How To Boost SEO Using Quora?
Quora can be used as keyword research tool. You can learn a lot of topics related to your blog niche from Quora and use it to make your blog success.

> Search for the relevant questions related to your blog on Quora. Answer them & leave your website link. While picking up the question to answer, choose the one that has more following and more views.

> Always answer questions in a helpful way. Never answer Just for the sake of promotion. People are very intelligent on Quora if you are just promoting your website in an answer with useless content. They can report it to Quora. So, answer the questions which will be helpful for them.

Don’t answer every question just to link back to your website. Write helpful answers. Then only People will check your profile.

6. Optimize Your Site For SEO:
Please read this below article to optimize your website.

Top priorities for website improvement.

7. Spend more than 75% Of Your Time On Blog Promotion:
Promote your content to reach to the public. Turn your posts into videos, infographics, audio files, eBooks etc. Contact the other bloggers and ask for their help. Use social media sites wisely.

8. Getting quality links from other sites:
Link building is the smartest way to grow your website traffic really fast. Getting quality links from other sites to your site is called link building.

There are two types of link building:
White hat (follows all Google guidelines and get long term, steady search traffic).
Black hat (those who don’t follow Google guidelines and often get penalized, AVOID this strategy if you want long term results).

9. Social media is a powerful weapon:
You can use Social media as a weapon. Use Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube Etc.,

Just focus on building fans on one social media site at a time. That way you can give a majority of your time, efforts and focus on building audience one place at a time.

10. Conduct Frequent Giveaways:
Last time, I conducted a HUGE giveaway on HostGator. That’s the first time we ran a giveaway here at KartZon.

I got a tremendous response & also jump in my email subscribers, I also got an increase in HostGator sales.!

So the giveaway worked well for us and I hope the same for you peoples also. I am planning to run more giveaways this year, so check out for them.

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