What do you mean by Virtual Real Estate


Virtual Real Estate is an online property including domain names, websites & now included online services. Online domain & website name selling is a huge business nowadays.
Online domain selling is also known as Domain Flipping or website Flipping.

This domain name flipping is an evergreen business model & endless goldmine. As long as the internet is online, you will always be in business.
Each year 48,460,000 new domains will be registered & 46,680,000 domains are transferred every year.

Now, that means you can guess how many domains going from one party to another party in a transaction. You can be the part of that transaction & you can see that their number is huge.

These numbers are so huge that flipping opportunity is endless. You will never find another industry like this.
For this to be successful you have to set a realistic initial income goal. If you have $100 to spend, your goal should be around $1000. If you have $1000 to spend, your goal should be around $10,000.

Before entering into this business you have to research and reverse engineer what’s currently most active. Find who the top sellers are in auction marketplaces.
Make notes of their selling patterns and listing strategies, analyze their domain or website to see if there is any prior traffic.

Verify if their domain includes a website or if it’s just the name. To research all these things you need some time. So, start a brainstorming document of common root words, use automation tools for brainstorming to expand your list.
Enhance your list with PREFIXES & SUFFIXES. Buy available domains you discovered that are not yet registered.

When you want to register a domain then go to GoDaddy.
GoDaddy will be cheap and easy to push the domains to other accounts, bcoz many will prefer GoDaddy most.
You can also use promo codes or coupons while registering in GoDaddy, you will get at least 93% reduction in cost. but it will be applicable only for one domain registration.

If you wanted to host then you may use Hostgator, Bluehost or 000webhost.
Web hosting
Hosting in 000webhost is absolutely FREE of cost and also good service, you may check it once on your own.

If you want to become a successful domain flipper seriously then you can go through this Millionaire society domain flipping technique. But I will say that it is not worth for the amount they are charging.
MSD flipping course is really a good one, you will learn the entire domain flipping process in detail and in depth. As I have purchased and tested it so I am recommending this. But once again I am saying that the Price is Huge for this course Material.


Also, I have parked some of my Domains for Domain Flipping you can check here






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