Top 10 Antivirus Software’s:

Here in this article, we will see which are the most commonly used antivirus software’s around the globe. Before going to the top 10 software list, I wanted to know from you people what is this antivirus software and why many of them use the free version to save some bucks?
Everybody wanted to get freebies but they don’t know what will be their severity if the computer attacked by Virus…!
Any computer can be infected by malware. Malware is a term for malicious programs, such as viruses, worms, Trojans, and spyware, which are designed to infect and take control of your computer.
Once your computer has been infected, virus programmer can capture all your keystrokes, steal your documents, and bank details if you are using that computer for net banking. Anti-virus software is designed to protect your computer against malware. Anti-virus detects and blocks attempts by the virus which is trying to infect your computer.

There are so many new versions of malware being released every day that no anti-virus can detect and protect against all of them. For this reason, it is possible for your computer to be infected even with the latest version of anti-virus installed. In this case, if you use free versions then you may think what will be the risk you are taking?

Most anti-virus programs work like signature detection by scanning your computer. They refer to a dictionary of known malware, and if something in a file matches a pattern in the dictionary, the anti-virus software attempts to neutralize it. Like the human immune system. In this approach, instead of attempting to identify known
malware, anti-virus software monitors the behavior of software installed on your computer. When a program acts suspiciously, such as trying to access a protected file or to modify another program, anti-virus spots the suspicious activity and alerts you to it. This approach provides protection against brand new types of malware that do not
Yet exist in any dictionary.

So what are the important tips you have to maintain while using antivirus software?
1. Don’t assume you’re Not At Risk.
2. Download Only From Trusted Sources.
3. Keep Your Software updated automatically.
4. Scan and use external Devices like USB pen drive.
5. Track Warnings and Alerts.
6. Don’t Disable The Software.
7. Do not install multiple anti-virus programs on your computer at the same time.
8. Consider a Security Suite along with antivirus installed.

Now we will see which are the most used top 10 anti-virus Softwares:

1) Kaspersky Internet Security.
2) ESET Smart Security.
3) Norton Internet Security.
4) Avast! Free Antivirus 8.
5) BitDefender Internet Security.
6) AVG Anti-Virus Free.
7) Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security.
8) Avira antivirus pro.
9) Microsoft Security Essentials.
10) McAfee Internet Security.

After these discussions, there are people who will ask this question to me once gain.
“Why we should use licensed AntiVirus software installed on our system”?
Once again I will say to my fellow friends, it is important to have original Licensed anti-virus software installed on your computer system so that your computer is not vulnerable to viruses, spam, and other electronic intrusions. Without originally licensed AntiVirus software your system is very vulnerable to electronic intrusions that can cause a great deal of damage to your computer system and also to your important documents.

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