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Salvaging data means Retrieving inaccessible, lost, corrupted, damaged or formatted data from a secondary storage. Data recovery has grown more complicated in recent years, If you have ever experienced a major loss of data, then you may need data recovery.  So, the questions arise in your mind that how to recover? How effective is it? How much does it cost? for these questions, we have an answer SALVAGEData Recovery..! 

This hard drive recovery service offers a free, in-lab evaluation of your damaged drive for FREE of cost. SALVAGE Your Data Today, using Salvage Data Recovery. It can recover files from all types of media and operating systems. The evaluation takes about one to two business days and includes a full diagnostic report with the estimated recovery costs & also they provide 24-hour assistance!

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You can find the ISO certificate (ISO 9001:2008 Certification) on their website along with world-class IS-5 certified clean rooms and leading engineering expertise allows them to deliver the most cost-effective, efficient, high-quality service as early & accurate as possible. A clean room is essential when recovering data from a damaged hard drive as the data are extremely sensitive & very important.

One of the most critical features of SalvageData is they recover data from almost every storage brands like Lenovo, HP, Western Digital, DELL, Toshiba, Seagate, SanDisk, OCZ, Maxtor & Samsung.

Services include a wide range of consumer and business storage devices including hard drives, NAS/SAN (Network Access Server / Storage Area Network) server, RAID arrays and more. They have engineers with high expertise team to deliver the most cost-effective, efficient, high-quality service possible 24×7.

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SalvageData services include:
HDD Recovery.
Server Recovery.
Tape Recovery.
On-site Recovery.
Emergency Recovery.

SalvageData recovery for:
Personal User Data.
Small Business Data.
Enterprise Systems.
IT Solutions Providers.
Government Systems.

Once the recovery process is completed in SalvageData the recovered data is stored on their secure network until the integrity of the recovered data is verified.

It is the first data recovery company in the industry to submit to annual, company-wide SOC 2 Type III audits. They have displayed certification documents online for customers to view. SOC3 SysTrust assurance is the highest most relevant and credible standard available in the data recovery industry.

They have high Precision & Accurate Exchange Server Recovery Services. Exchange servers recovery experts at SalvageData work with you to quickly check the cause of failure and data recovery options to get your operations back to normal as quickly as possible.
They can recover from all common Exchange Failures like:
1) Corrupted header.
2) Duplicate keys.
3) Dirty Shutdown.
4) Inconsistent file state.
5) Write errors.
6) Database corruption.

What To Do When Your Exchange Server Fails?
When your exchange server fails without any specific error message then you please turn off your system and contact SalvageData immediately.

Final Verdict:
With 40+ conveniently located offices and 15-year track record, awards, accreditation and ratings. They service across the United States, Canada and Europe. SalvageData always ready and able to respond to your needs in a fast and timely manner. They are one of the biggest data recovery company to deliver a fast, efficient, consistent, professional recovery experience for every case.

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