How to Increase Internet Speed by Google DNS or Open DNS

Google DNS

Before going to the Google DNS,you have to know what is a DNS-Domain name server.
This DNS is the naming system provided for computers, services, the internet or a network.
We can override the default domain name server i.e. DNS Settings on our computers so that we can specify which DNS server should be used or which internet protocol for a particular domain.
Google DNS uses IP address and .
Next question arises what is this IP address?
IP address is a unique 32-bit address used by computers to communicate over a network. which is known as IPV4 and 128-bit address is called as IPV6.

Above mentioned details are only for your knowledge to know what is IP.
So, coming to the point. what is this Google DNS ? and how to use this address and what is the use of it?
Google DNS,is a domain name system service offered by Google, also known as a Google Public DNS.

Google DNS functions as a relative name server providing DN resolution for any host on the internet. By using this Google DNS you can make the web browsing faster and more secure.

Here is the detail step by step procedure to change your DNS to Google DNS.
Go to Control panel > Network & Internet > Network & Sharing Center > change Adapter settings.
Why I am insisting you people go through here is you can check the Internet connection. Please check the below picture for the details.


Double Click Local Area Connection > Properties > IPv4


Change obtain IP address automatically to use the following IP address and now you type the Google DNS IP address in IP address column and automatically subnet mask will fill up with as this is Class A Subnet Mask. Select use the following DNS server addresses and type the preferred DNS server as


Now you can check the Status i.e Network Connection Details, it will look like this ( please check the below picture )


After this, you will feel that your system will become a smart fast secure internet.

 What is OpenDNS?

OpenDNS gives you protection from phishing and optional content filtering. It is also same like Google DNS, which offers Free and Premium Domain Name services. But it’s IP address will be, for Preferred DNS server & alternate DNS server will be 


These Domain services are helpful when your ISP couldn’t do name resolution effectively because of low cache size.

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