How to get 1 Lakh visitors to your website in just 1 hour.

Get 1 Lakh visitors

Hello Friends, in this article you will find how to get 1 Lakh visitors to any website, affiliate link, Facebook page (you name it!) in just under 1 hour. You read this article & enjoy getting 100,000 visitors in under an hour!
Discover why companies are hiding their secret traffic sources from people like you and me and can tap into hundreds of millions of visitors a day.

To get the massive traffic you just need to know the ” Latest Mass Traffic Sources “. Sources that the top fortune companies are using but are not talking about…! And that’s EXACTLY what you’re going to discover right now in this article.

The latest mass traffic source that many top companies are using is called
In many countries has been blocked, you check those.

CaptureWhen you type a long link or else your website link it will be going to shrink that link. When somebody clicks on that link then it will be forwarded to some advertisement website link after 5 seconds that will be forwarded to your own website link when they click on Skip Ad.
There are millions of people creating links on in every single day, there are many people clicking on these links. So literally, you will get unlimited amount of traffic to your website…!

Capture 2

After waiting for 5 seconds Skip ad tab will appear

Capture 3There are two main areas in one is Publishers area and another one is Advertisers. You can also earn a small amount of money from Publishers area. As for now, we need Advertisers area to bring traffic to our website.

How to optimize your campaigns to maximize their potential to suck in cash on demand. First yo have to run the campaign by typing your website URL for example here you can set the Daily budget, day targeting, also worldwide or targeting some other countries. For around $5 you will get 5000 visitors, that means 0.001$ per visitor. Is it not a good deal ? don’t afraid to spend money to make money.

Capture 4Another service I like to recommend is Crazyegg, it is the smart and new ways of understanding the visitors. It is a script code which you can put on your website.
It is going to track where everybody is going and clicking your website content by heat map method.

Capture 5Heatmap will show you where the site visitors are actually clicking your site, all of the little dots are the clicks from the individual visitors. You will get a huge traffic from so try it, you will remember my words. good luck

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