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You may know that there are a lot of ways to earn money from our websites/blogs. In that, CPC (Cost per Click), CPM, CPA (Cost per Action) etc are most famous ways. Google Adsense is the most famous one to earn money through CPC, but getting Adsense approval is very hard.

As per my view, it is quite easy to earn money with CPC rather than CPM & CPA. I don’t have Adsense for some of my sites, bcoz I have got rejected many times. So, I am in search how to earn using our website’s or blog’s other than hectic Adsense, then I Found Revenue Hits.

RevenueHits is a good Performance Advertising Network that helps publishers to generate more revenues from their websites or blogs. It assists publishers to monetize many online businesses, including websites, mobile sites, add-ons, toolbars, widgets and much more.

RevenueHits is a pure Cost per Action (CPA ) platform. So clicks or impressions will not go to work because it’s not a CPM or CPC platform. You get money only when our site readers performs an action, like the software installation from that particular add or completing the survey. You no need to worry as they are 100% safe software or surveys.

Those who don’t have Google Adsense for them this RevenueHits is a Gold mine. Earnings from AdSense will be
high compared to Revenue hits. Bcoz Adsense earnings are of CPC type but Revenue hits earnings are of CPA type, but getting the RevenueHit account is very easy compared to Google Adsense.

Revenue hits have the geo-targeted Ad-Serving technology, readers of UK will see different ad and readers of India will see the different ad. So this can help us in getting more cash overall.
You can place as many ads as you want in Revenue hits! Unlike Google Adsense which has many restrictions.
so all the websites/blogs which you submit here will be approved instantly!
The minimum threshold payment limit is 20$.

You can add as many blogs/sites which you own personally as you want in your revenue hits account and can earn from all of your blogs at a time by placing the ads.

In AdSense accounts will be getting banned instantly without any prior notification, but the chances of getting Revenue hits account banned is too low!

Signing up Revenue hits & submitting your site for Approval:

  • Here you will get a special link for submitting your blog/website please click HERE far fast approval.
  • Now fill the details carefully in Step1 & Step2 and click “Submit”.
  • Verify your email address and login to your account.

Creating Ads:

“New Placement” means the ads related to Desktop site &  “New Mobile Placement” means the ads related to Mobile site.

“New Placement” (Desktop Ads): In “New Placement” tab there are so many ad formats and ad types available, I’m mentioning all those available ads here for your reference.

1) Banner
2) 158×21 Button
3) 468×60 Footer
4) 728×90 Footer
5) Interstitial
6) Popunder
7) Shadow Box
8) Slider
9) Topbar

Placeme type

“New Mobile Placement” (Mobile Ads): In this type, all the mobile mode ads will be present, like Mobile Dialog, Footer, Notifier, Interstitial & New Tab.

Mobile Placeme type

Payment: PayPal, Wire, and Payoneer.

So, Finally I can say that you give this RevenueHits a try for 15 days then you will come to know about the results.

Also, you will get some beautiful banners to place on your websites/Blogs. You can check them below.

I have chosen Popunder and Footer here in this article, when you read this article completely you will going to identify my code placement.

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