How to earn money by graphic designing.

Graphic designing is one of my favorite & very interesting subject…!
B’coz I myself working as a graphic designer from last 15 years, and I have many client bases around the world running my own website & also many fan followers on Facebook & twitter.
Now the question arises what is Graphic design?
Graphic design is the process of creating the appearance of a publication, presentation, Logo, T-shirt design, Business card or website in an attractive, logical manner. When done successfully, it attracts attention, adds value to a message.

Before entering into this business you should know some basic things about designing and the formats which will be accepted by the clients.

● Analyze the audience or client.
● Determine the purpose of your message.
● Decide where and how your message will appear (whether it will be a printed publication, presentation, or website).
● Establish goals.
● Organize text and graphics.
● Choose an appropriate format and layout.
● Select appropriate typefaces, type sizes, type styles, and spacing.
● Organize text and graphics.
● Proofread.
● Refine and fine-tune.

The main discussion topics in graphic designing are:
1) What do you mean by Resolution?
2) Understanding graphic/image formats (TIFF, JPG, EPS, etc.)
3) What are CMYK and RGB?
4) Tips to organize your electronic files.
5) Why are PDFs so important for printing?
6) Copyright and fair use.

These above topics will be discussed in detail in our upcoming article. Now you all wanted to know how we can earn money by graphic designing online?
Before starting you should have some knowledge of Adobe tools like Adobe photoshop, illustrator, InDesign, aftereffects Etc., this software is mostly used for Logo, T-shirt, Corporate identity designs and to deliver the work in Jpeg, PSD, Ai, Eps, Pdf, Tiff, Png & SVG Formats.
First, you have to start your work as a Freelancer when you get more projects and have many client bases then you can hire some workers & start your own company as we are doing at present.

Then the question arises how to start as a freelancer worker, the answer is simple that there are many websites who provide freelancing jobs. you have to register in them first and apply for jobs or participate in contests, you have to build your freelancer profile strong so that you may get as many projects as you wanted. because the clients will hire you by seeing your profile and the feedbacks.

If you a company or individual looking to outsource or hire a freelancer, these sites will be able to serve that purpose as well.

The popular great graphic design websites for your freelancing work will be

1)     Freelancer

2)     Fiverr

3)     Behance

4)     99designs

5)     Elance

6)     SimplyHired

7)     Dribbble

8)     Guru

9)     Coroflot

10) Up work


11) WeWorkRemotely

12) Krop

13) CrowdSpring

14) DesignCrowd

15) TheShelf

16) Toptal

17) Hirable

18) Crew

19) Onsite

20) Folyo


you can register to freelancer from below link

Also, you can check my Transaction History here. These are the projects which i have completed and the clients paid for me


when you bid for a project the client who is hiring you may be genuine or may be fraud. so before accepting the project you have to ask for Milestone payment. at least 50% he has to create, then only you have to accept the project otherwise you will get a -ve balance in your profile. when the clients create a milestone payment you can check that detail in your Financial dashboard, you can check my milestone payments here.

financial dashboard

There are membership plans in freelancer. If you wanted to get hired and want to work for the long term then you have to register for paid membership, there are much more advantageous in paid membership. For a glance, you can check here. Also, the freelancer is providing 1 month FREE of Professional membership worth 50USD.


If you work seriously then you will-will-will 100% make a lot of money in Graphic Designing. so get set GO Freelancing..!

Now coming to the Fiverr platform, we call every project as gigs. Here you can withdraw the price money to your Paypal account or Bank Transfer. most of the project you will get starting from 5USD, please check my earnings here.


Also, I use Wacom pad to draw the drawings. you can buy the pad. the money which we get will be donated to Charity. you can visit our Charity page.

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