Why should you use Call-To-Action button on your Website

call-to-action button

Do you want to increase conversions and sales on your website? wanted to improve your websites user navigation to help your visitors find your services or products easier? then, you must add a call-to-action button. You can also create a custom CTA(Call-to-action) button that will highly help your website to increase sales and also it will capture leads.
Featuring a call-to-action button on your website does two things, the first one is it will increase your user experience. Number two it helps you to maximize visitors conversions.

B’coz anytime you can make your user navigate your website to increase conversions for selling your services, getting a new client signup to E-mail lists, you need to tell your visitors what step next you need to take this is what actually a call-to-action button is all about.
Here are some of the call-to-action buttons used by top leading industry giants.

  1. HostGator:

Hostgator is one of the world’s most famous Linux platform web hosting company. It is serving more than 6 million domain names in the servers. Hostgator is a good choice for business owners and bloggers most. Since they deliver the best customer support service and most reliable web hosting service to their clients. You can check their call-to-action button, Get started now! 

1 HostgatorThe perfect starting point for growing an online presence in HostGator for web hosting consist of 3 plans, the most famous one is the baby plan and also we recommend the same. 2 Hostgator

2. GetResponse:

GetResponce has its tagline as world’s easiest Email marketing. We can say that it has all the qualities of the most popular tools for designing & sending the HTML newsletters.
You can check the Call-to-action button of GetResponce here.

4 Get responcePrice starts from $15 (Email) / $49 (Pro) / $165 (Max) / $799(Enterprice). you can check the price list here.

3 Get responce

Finally, you can enjoy 30-day free trial of this outstanding Getresponse which is fully functional and the offer does not come with a requirement to provide credit card or debit card details.

3. TravelPayouts:

TravelPayouts is actually a mini network of three travel agencies that scan through popular sites and bring you back results from your query. Here in TravelPayouts, you can book hotels & Flights.
You can check their call-to-action button here. It is very much responsive.

4. SocialPilot: 

This is the best tool to reduce the time spent on social media. Social scheduling tools are many in the market, but SocialPilot will schedule to more than 100’s of apps. You can check their call-to-action button as Get Started.

5 social pilo t

These are some of the Call-to-Action buttons examples. If you like this article then please ping me a review message. Thank you for reading my article.

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