Bluehost vs Hostgator Affiliate Program Review

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Which web hosting affiliate is best among Bluehost vs Hostgator?
This is the common question which arises when we want to promote a well-reputed affiliate web hosting service. If you are one among them and struggling to find the right affiliate hosting then please prefer Bluehost

Initially, I have promoted HostGator to my clients & the payout is also very good from their side. But, from last 1 year, their payout is very very less & many of my earnings have not been shown in my Affiliate account. This I came to know when one of my clients said that they have purchased 3 servers space through my HostGator Affiliate link. But in my account, it is showing as “N/A – Possible Bookmark or Email Link”!  But when I cross-checked! it’s a shocking moment for me.

I thought that there may be some software mistake. So, I sent 6 Mails to there affiliate mail id. I got only ONE replay mail saying that “we will check this issue” after that, I sent 8 E-mails…! I also sent screenshots to them. Still NO reply from there side.

So, I decided to teach HostGator a lesson! asked my client to please cancel your purchase & sign in to Bluehost as we have 45 days time from the date of server space purchase. My client did the same thing as a said to them & the Bluehost also paid me my commission promptly… Cheers to Bluehost

We work day & night to build our website & our readers base, these stupid peoples backstabbed us…!

Frankly speaking, in one word I can say to my fellow bloggers please shift to Bluehost before this Hostgator Affiliate backstab you peoples also.

Listed below are some of the advantages of Bluehost that you can avail the benefits of:
> Bluehost is known for its excellent customer support that guides customers through technical queries.
> Bluehost guarantees about 99.99% uptime backup, thereby enhancing your web presence.
> Bluehost provides an unmatched security with features such as CloudFlare that is suitable for websites that require an SLL encryption against DDOS attacks.
> The web host provides you with a user-friendly control panel that is developed as per industrial standard.
> Bluehost is also recommended by WordPress and has e-commerce applications such as Magneto and ShopSite.

Verdict: HostGator is very worst compared to Bluehost services & customer support.

Buy the server space from the above link & Help for the Charity Work. Thank you


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  1. Thanks for writing this. I had a bad experience with HostGator as well. I didn’t get paid for a commission when I actually went to the customer and watched them with my own eyes click the link and make the signup to HostGator. I was so mad I just stopped even trying to promote them at all.

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