How to Build Massive Traffic to your Blog.

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One of the best ways to acquire traffic to your site is by commenting on relevant blogs in your niche. Blog comments are really very important to the consistent popularity of any site. This style of commenting can be beneficial to all parties concerned.

How You Benefit:

The benefits of encouraging blog comments can be positive and far reaching. From the perspective of keeping the site lively and interactive blog comments are the dominant force in producing such an environment.
When a site has the constant exchange of comments there will be a steady flow of interest in the site or blog because the people involved in the commenting would want to view the responses to their comments.
This also applies to those visitors who are not physically participating in the commenting process but are only interested in viewing the comments. Therefore the high traffic drawn to the site would be an important benefit.

Another benefit would be the links that can be affiliated with the site. As all blogs and website depend on as many links as possible receiving and making comments on blogs would then create the possibility of valuable back links.
This is, of course, would depend on the comments and its frequency. With this exchange of links, a further audience is reached which translates into a heightened level of traffic flow.

The popularity of the site and the heightened traffic to the site will then attract the search engines to rank the website favorably. This is a feature that most sites work hard to achieve as it speaks on some level about the positive attributes of the site.
Another benefit to blog commenting is the further understanding of the site by others. With all the information being exchanged through the blog commenting process a lot of very important information can be learned and realized. This kind of information exchange can sometimes be more effective than advertising.

Making Money With Blog Commenting:

Certain tools work better than others in specific areas of attracting traffic. Understanding and capitalizing on these features often prove to have very positive results. So it is with blog commenting too, whereby the individual is able to actually make money without having to invest huge monetary incentives.

Making sure there is a URL in place with the correct formatting platform will ensure good backlinks. These backlinks are the key to providing the desired traffic to the site which is how the revenue will be earned. The interest created through the blog commenting should work as an effective drawing mechanism for the individual’s own site.
Because these blog commenting platforms are an essential part of the marketing strategy used for search engines the goal is to create a good and active blog commenting arena.
In general the commenting is actually what draws attention to the product or service being provided without having to actually resort to huge and costly advertising campaigns.

Basically, traffic and the more of it equates a lot of revenue for any particular site and blog commenting can play a big part in ensuring this. Blog commenting is a relatively free technique of driving traffic to a specific site, thus by ensuring the blog commenting is done within already active site this simple tool can evolve into becoming indispensable.
When the individual site is able to draw a huge amount of traffic there may be other interested parties who would be willing to pay a fee to have the site on their own. This is another way of earning revenue that is brought about by successful blog commenting.
It can also provide the platform for any interested parties who may want to engage the services of the said blog commenter, thus again creating the revenue earning platform.

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Subscribing And Branding: 

This is the chief thing. Among the most crucial things to do when attempting to comment on blogs for hits is to understand when these blogs are updated. There are a lot of ways to know when these blogs are updated and among the best ways to do this is by subscribing thru e-mail or feed.

The delight of getting high-quality hits from blog commenting is in being the 1st or one of the first 3 to comment, if you’re not, you may still get hits however the hits won’t be as much as that of those who are the 1st to comment.
There are a lot of drawbacks to subscribing to blogs thru e-mail when attempting to comment on blogs for hits and among these drawbacks is that e-mail to blog posts isn’t delivered instantly after the post is live however might take a long time to deliver, a few bloggers e-mail feed won’t deliver till the 2nd day the blog post is live and before you know it the post would have been filled up with comments thereby leading to a decrease in the type of hits you are able to get.
I lately discovered one awesome solution which helps me be the first (or among the first) to comment on a lot of blogs once a blog post is live, you may have heard of this tool previously, however, you most likely would have been taking it with levity.
This awesome tool is called Comment Sniper. Comment sniper simplifies the procedure of being the first to comment on blogs once the content has been updated and it will send word to you immediately there is a fresh post on a blog – this tool is so awesome and it’s my main secret to being the first to comment on blogs, if you discover me to be the second or third then this is an issue on my own path.
Even though blog commenting is so awesome for getting superior hits to your blog, I’ve noted one issue and that issue is with not branding your comments.
branding your comments may come in a lot of ways and among them is that you must have a gravatar. The default gravatar that comes with WordPress has been overused and this will provide you little to no hits.
A different great thing besides having a gravatar is the caliber of your avatar, it’s really crucial to have a highly personalized avatar as this will make individuals more curious to know more about you thereby making them click to your website. You’ll be able to get started by getting your gravatar at
A different great way to brand your comments is by bearing a fixed blog commenting style. For instance, a few individuals will go on commenting on blogs with names like “Web Design Company” now and “Software Company” tomorrow, this may never help you stick out as there are a lot of web design companies out there, however, it will only make the issue tougher as you’ll be seen as a spammer both by the blogger and his readers.


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