Importance & Benefits of Affiliate Link Cloaking

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One of the best ways anyone can earn money online is through Affiliate Marketing. What you have to do is just recommend other people’s products and the money will start rolling into your bank account.

But Affiliate Marketing field has become so competitive that lots of scammers using different tactics to rip off innocent marketers from the commissions they’ve worked so hard to get.!

Commission theft will occur by the involvement of dishonest companies setting up malware in people’s web browsers with the aim of replacing our affiliate links with their affiliate link, thereby giving these hackers our commissions.

The good news is that a defensive weapon has been developed:
> Link cloaking.

What Is Link Cloaking?
Link cloaking is a method used to make a long affiliate URL link into a shorter & remove the visible affiliate code making it difficult to recognize that it’s an affiliate link. So that the marketer’s commission is well-protected.

Affiliate links are usually lengthy, difficult to remember, and display an affiliate ID:


But Link cloaking helps you shorten this long link and convert it into a branded URL. Instead of just using an affiliate link as is, it’s better to make it look more professional with cloaking.


Why Should You Always Cloak Your Links?

1. Increases click-through rate (CTR):
2. Commission loss is reduced:
3. Cloaking helps in tracking:
4. Increases email delivery rates:
5. To prevent affiliate link swapping:
6. Easy link management:
7. Beats ad blockers:
8. Easy to no-follow affiliate links:
9. To avoid search ranking penalties:
10. To hide your affiliate links from social media sites:

How To Cloak Affiliate Links:
Warning: Do NOT use, TinyURL, or other link shorteners to cloak your affiliate links.

Affiliate Link Cloaker’s:
> Pretty Link Lite.
> Pretty Link Pro.
> ShoutCodes.
> Easy Affiliate Links.
> ThirstyAffiliates.
> Easy Redirect Script.
> MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate.

I hope this list of reasons to cloak your affiliate links has convinced you that doing so is absolutely necessary if you want to avoid commission theft and make more money.

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Venugopal K.


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