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Native Ads is an Ad Exchange for Content Publishers, Brands and Agencies. It is looking to connect global advertisers with premium publishers.

Native Ads have awesome widgets they help publishers to create, configure and place Native Ads on their sites in minutes allowing advertisers to promote their products in a Pleasant Way, no matter what the format the users are happy with seamless and uninterrupted content Ads.

By using Native Ads your Ads will look and feels just like the rest of the published articles, with smart targeting your Ads will get incredible engagement rates by users clicking, viewing and sharing.

Create a Native Ads account and log in, you will see a Daily report section at first. Click on Create a New Campaign.

There are two types of Campaigns you can select any one.
1) Generate Prospects, Leads or Customers Campaign:
My primary goal is to sell a product, collect email addresses or generate calls for my business. (Ex. shop, buy now, sign up, subscribe, call me)

2) Drive Traffic To Articles Campaign:
My primary goal is to drive users to read, like, share and comment on my content. (Ex. news article, slideshow, gallery, video content)

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After selecting the Campaign type, fill the Campaign details, Campaign budget, Campaign schedule & Campaign optimization.

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Native Ads also have Affiliate Program for publishers and earn 10% Commission.

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Attention Mailers:
Promotion via e-mail must be done with the e-mail link. Please note that Native Ads does not allow spam. If an affiliate is spamming, they will be removed from the program and any accrued earnings will be forfeited.

Attention Search Engine Marketers:
Affiliates MAY NOT purchase Search Engine traffic (ie Google Adwords Search Traffic) without prior authorization by Native Ads. Please Contact Us before buying any Search Engine traffic.

Funding / Billing for Advertisers:
Minimum deposit: $100
Accept Funding: Credit Card, Wire & PayPal.
Minimum Wire Payment is $1,000.

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