15 Effective Ways to Discover Your Inner Self.

Hello, dear friends I just read this book regarding Meditation.
The Little Manual of Meditation“. written by Vikas Malkani.
You have to read this book if you want to know about the benefits of meditation?
This little manual tells you about an ancient practice that has been used by people who seek a life of peace & purpose.

This book empowers you to make positive & powerful changes in your life through meditation and shows you how to realize your highest meditation and shows you how to realize your highest potential. It is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

Meditation is therapeutic from the moment you decide to take it up seriously. It helps to relax the tension of the gross and subtle muscles and the autonomous nervous system. It provides freedom from mental stress. A person in meditation attains a tranquil mind and this helps the body’s immune system by limiting its reaction to stress and strain.

You will find that even a few days of sincere effort will help you to control your appetite and severe reactions, such as anger; to a certain degree. Meditation will also decrease the need for sleep and energize the body and mind. Writers, poets and thinkers often express interest in the process of becoming creative and using their intuition –the finest and most evolved of all aspects of knowledge. Meditation is a systematic way of using this aspect of human brilliance in our daily life.

15 Effective Ways to
Discover Your Inner Self

Way 1
Meditation always proves to be restful and relaxing

Way 2
Sit still
Meditation gives you a positive outlook

Way 3
Meditation expels all tension from the body

Way 4
Be strong
Meditation makes you self-reliant and helps you attain inner strength

Be patient
Meditation is a simple technique that almost everyone can enjoy

Way 6
Control your breath
Meditation improves with conscious breathing

Way 7
Be focused
Meditation helps you to take charge of your life

Way 8
Be upbeat
Meditation makes you aware of whom you are

Way 9
Open your mind
Meditation allows you to evolve constantly

Way 10
Let go
Meditation helps you to face your worries and cope with them

Way 11
Do one thing at a time
Meditation helps you to simplify your life

Way 12
Meditation is the best way to overcome the ego

Way 13
Be yourself
Meditation improves your relationships

Way 14
Think from the heart
Meditation makes you true to yourself

Way 15
Believe in yourself
Meditation is your path to what you really are

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